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Handling of personal information

We, Samayu Co., Ltd. believe that the appropriate utilization and protection of personal information is a social responsibility of our company. We protect and handle personal information gathered from customers and employees appropriately, and manage them severely.

1. Acquiring, Utilization and Provision of personal information
We acquire, utilize and provide personal information appropriately, and will not handle it beyond the scope of the Purpose of Use.
We will obtain the consent of the person in advance when we handle personal information over specified Purpose of Use.

2. Laws, guidelines and other rules regarding protection of personal information
We always comply with laws, guidelines and other rules in Japan regarding protection of personal information.

3. Safety management of personal information
We will take necessary measures against illegal access to personal information, an outflow, loss, falsification, etc.

4. Protection of personal information (Personal information protection management system)
We review strategies and improve systems continuously to protect personal information appropriately.

5. Contact about personal information
When we get an inquiry about personal information, we will deal appropriately and swiftly.